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At F&T we are working towards becoming fully accredited ‘Theraplay’ practitioners. We draw on the healing power of play to help a parent to both regulate their child's behaviour and also communicate love, joy, and safety to their child, helping to create greater closeness between them.

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Play Therapy

At F&T we provide children aged 3 – 12 with Play Therapy. Play Therapy differs from counselling in that instead of having to describe what is troubling them, as they would in counselling, children use play as their language, to express themselves in their own way and in their own time, without feeling pressured.

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Nurturing Parents and Carers

Drawing on our significant personal and professional experiences, our aim is to help you as parents/carers to better understand your child, their behaviour, how they make sense of the world and to bring closeness in your relationship.

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Counselling for Children and Young People

For slightly older children and young people aged 8 - 18, who are developmentally ready to talk and think about their troubling feelings and thoughts, F&T may offer counselling. Through establishing a trusting relationship, we help them better understand and care for themselves, using a variety of enjoyable playful/creative activities as appropriate to each individual and age.

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Family Therapy

At F&T we recognise that one of the struggles that parents/carers and children/young people can experience is an inability to get along and communicate lovingly and respectfully. For younger children ages 3-12, our Family therapy involves helping parents/carers learn special skills in guided play sessions. For teens we offer a special kind of therapeutic family intervention - ‘Attachment Based Therapy for Families’ (ABTP).

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Counselling for Adults

This way of working focuses on the way that people feel, think and act to help them with their emotional and behavioural difficulties. The key aim of all our work, which is ‘the single most influential factor in effective therapy’ (BACP 2020) is the development of the therapeutic relationship in order to help clients towards better mental health and emotional well-being.

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