It must be magic. Never in a million years did I think I would see my child so happy again, loving and valuing herself. She is now thriving in every way.

Parent of 6 yr old

I know I have a long way to grow in confidence as apparent and changing my responses towards my child but I feel so supported by the team, I no longer feel I am doing this on my own.

Child 12 yrs

(Telephone counselling due to COVID lockdown) “Despite not being able to meet the counsellor in person, I felt that she really understood me and where I was coming from with my issues/concerns. I felt that I had a really good connection with her and her positive comments made a big difference to my mood. She didn't just listen silently, she responded throughout with empathy and useful ideas and suggestions. She also took the time to send several emails with helpful resources.

Parent of 6yr old

Having support as a parent has helped me feel less fuzzy, less overwhelmed and far more confident as a parent. The things I have learnt about attachment, play and connecting with my child has changed my world and our relationship. I wish I knew then what I know now

Parent of 8 yr old

I found the counselling was just amazing. It was so productive, and in small steps I could cope with. I have had a LOT of counselling and never anything like this. I loved the way she worked on shame, my triggers, the impact of my abuse, the resources and apps she shared with me. It was very relaxing but there was always a forward momentum, and progress. I really appreciated that she knew the ‘terms’ such as ‘dissociation’, so I knew she understood

Client 23 yrs

We pride ourselves on the quality and effectiveness of our provision. Over the past two years, working for the ACC delivering the REACH project, we led a dedicated and amazing team of counsellors and therapists, and together we delivered a highly successful counselling service for children, young people and adults, to over 25 GP surgeries across Swansea.

We are very excited about using our experience now to set up this new company Family and Therapy. We have proven success in the quality of our work, using both qualitative and quantitative data, and have been fortunate to have had excellent feedback from many clients and staff.