At F&T we provide children aged 3 – 12 with Play Therapy. Play Therapy differs from counselling in that instead of having to describe what is troubling them, as they would in counselling, children use play as their language, to express themselves in their own way and in their own time, without feeling pressured.

Play therapy is a developmentally appropriate intervention for supporting children (aged 3-12) with big and muddled feelings. It is the treatment of choice for younger children who’s cognitive and language development is not mature enough to process his or her experience verbally.

Our approach

Our Play Room Project provides children with a welcoming and safe space to address chronic, mild and moderate psychological and emotional states that are causing behavioural problems and/or are preventing children from realising their potential. We can help children process and make sense of difficult experiences

Using play, we form a short to long term therapeutic relationship depending on need, and often work systemically taking into account and perhaps dealing with the social environment of the clients (peers, siblings, family, school etc). All our counsellors have clinical supervision. Play Therapy may be non-directive, directive or a mixture of the two. All of our team members who deliver Play Therapy are trained to use therapeutic play skills.

How can play therapy help?

Play Therapy enables children to understand their confusing feelings and troubling events that they haven’t had the chance to work through. Play Therapy helps children in many ways. They gain emotional support and are able to better understand their own feelings and thoughts.

Children may act or play out traumatic or challenging life experiences in order to understand what happened and cope better with their future. Children may also learn to manage relationships and conflicts in more appropriate ways. The outcomes of Play Therapy may be general e.g. a reduction in anxiety and raised self-esteem, or more specific such as a change in behaviour and improved relations with family and friends.

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At F&T we are working towards becoming fully accredited ‘Theraplay’ practitioners. We draw on the healing power of play to help a parent to both regulate their child's behaviour and also communicate love, joy, and safety to their child, helping to create greater closeness between them.

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