Drawing on our significant personal and professional experiences, our aim is to help you as parents/carers to better understand your child, their behaviour, how they make sense of the world and to bring closeness in your relationship.

We are here to support you with all your parenting needs and questions and offer a number of different parent support sessions, spanning the journey of parenting from the very beginning right through to teen years.

Our approach

At F&TP we recognise how tough parenting can be, watching all the struggles our children face as they grow, and our struggles also, in coping with the challenges these present.

These include moments of heartbreak watching them trying to make friends, settle into new situations and manage big feelings. We are dedicated to supporting children and parents/carers navigate these situations to help children develop skills to move though life with a bit more ease.

How can we help?

Our team will increase your knowledge and skills of building secure relationships in your family, develop your understanding of how you can help your child to regulate their emotions and overall invite more joy and play into your moment by moment interactions with your child/family.

Further Information

The earliest years: ‘Supporting Parents/Carers’ sessions focused around attunement, emotional regulation and building secure attachments.

Attachment theory research and neuroscience has provided us with a sound understanding on how the attachment relationship develops, how trust is built and the impact of misattunement in the parent child relationship. We now know that the quality of care, attunement and regulation in the first 9 months of life has a huge impact on a child’s emotional development and mental health through child hood and into adult hood. We want to be there for parents during such a delicate and magical time to help them navigate their way through parenthood, to become more attuned to their children and themselves. We are currently developing a course to work with couples thinking about starting a family all the way through to parents with child up to 7 years old.

Parent/Carer support sessions for those who are struggling with their relationship with their child

We have recognised a real need to provide a training course and guidance for many parents/carers who are struggling with their relationship with their child. This problem significantly impacts on their children’s behaviour and emotional development. The challenge to ‘felt security’ that many children we have worked with experience often stems from parents’ own experiences of childhood, their own ability to manage their emotions, and also adverse life experiences. All of these factors, we have learnt, should not be underestimated. Our approach to our parent training programme is extremely supportive and nurturing and especially influenced by the ideas associated with ‘Therapeutic Parenting’ (Hughes, 2017). This approach combines helping parents learn about good enough parenting, including love and nurture, behavioural support, and guidance, as well as increasing parenting behaviours aimed at emotionally connecting with their children

Shared craft/therapy sessions for strengthening relationships

We offer a series monthly craft/therapy sessions for parents/ carers and children who are struggling to connect in order to provide community-based family therapy that is easily accessible to families. The family focused creative art/craft group wll be for parent and child with an emphasis on not needing to be ‘artistic’ to take part. Together they will learn how to make a variety of simple items such as dreamcatchers, felt gifts, simple cross stitch bookmarks, etc. We will invite trusted volunteers and trainee art therapists to aid us in taking the sessions, so that it will be a good quality experience. We would charge a small amount to parents just to cover the cost of material. While they are crafting, we would be helping them to connect and also provide a session before and after on some of our key messages about connections, attunement etc. From providing this intervention we hope to identify some families that need further family therapy. These families would then be offered an intervention based on the outcomes of the group.

Counselling for parents

We offer a safe place to think and explore difficult feelings in confidence accompanied by a sensitive and respectful therapist. We support new or experienced parents who may be struggling with difficult memories from their own childhoods, encountering new anxieties, experiencing changes in mood or encountering incongruence between their expectations and the reality of parenthood, feeling unsupported and overwhelmed
The experience of seeking parental support can be invaluable and also prevent further difficulties at a later time. it may help to: process experiences, particularly traumatic ones, find strategies to help calm anxieties, learn new ways to self-care and prevent disaster. It may also help clients think about changes; as a person, lifestyle and within relationships and finally think about parenting approaches and their relationships with their child, in a non-judgmental environment. We may be the only people to whom they dare to admit their true feelings of despair and disappointment, in themselves and their children. This can be the beginning of a truly transformative journey for them and their children, by both supporting and signposting them to other support services and agencies that can provide the help they need.

Other services you might find useful...

Family Therapy

At F&TP we recognise that one of the struggles that parents/carers and children/young people can experience is an inability to get along and communicate lovingly and respectfully. For younger children ages 3-12, our Family therapy involves helping parents/carers learn special skills in guided play sessions. For teens we offer a special kind of therapeutic family intervention - ‘Attachment Based Therapy for Families’ (ABTP).

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