This way of working focuses on the way that people feel, think and act to help them with their emotional and behavioural difficulties. The key aim of all our work, which is ‘the single most influential factor in effective therapy’ (BACP 2020) is the development of the therapeutic relationship in order to help clients towards better mental health and emotional well-being.

Poor mental well-being is highly complex. There's no simple answer, for example, to the question "What causes depression and anxiety?" Many factors play a role. At F&T we believe that the majority of mental health problems are best understood as normal human responses to distressing situations and the culture we live in. Through talking therapy, we help clients identify what they want their lives to be like, what this needs, what they can change, what they need to accept or let go of, and who and what can help.

Our approach

Our highly experienced counsellors are all adult trained, primarily in a person centred/emotion focused approach. Each counsellor will work in a particular way, depending on their professional style and client needs, such as working creatively, or using CBT. We do not limit ourselves to any one way of working, our therapeutic interventions are each uniquely tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual client.

Clients fully engage in the shared experience of finding what will work for them, and we sensitively attune to this process as the relationship develops, in order to ensure the therapy is effective. We look at the whole person, in the context that they are currently experiencing, both the internal and external factors that are impacting on their well-being.

How can counselling help?

It can help clients to do the healthy things that we sometimes do naturally and unthinkingly when we are taking good care of our mental health, in a more deliberate and self-enhancing way, on a regular basis. We provide the sound information on good mental health self-care that so many of us take for granted, enabling them to find ways to learn to feel and think more helpfully.

We believe that deeper work is also needed to really address the core troubling emotions that are obstructing healthy feelings, thoughts and behaviours. Therefore, we take a multi-faceted approach to working with every client to ensure that individual needs are met and well-being strengthened, by looking at: anxieties, relationships, lifestyle, physical well-being, future plans, significant troubling previous and ongoing life events, positives and strengths.

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At F&T we recognise that one of the struggles that parents/carers and children/young people can experience is an inability to get along and communicate lovingly and respectfully. For younger children ages 3-12, our Family therapy involves helping parents/carers learn special skills in guided play sessions.

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