Family and Therapy provides children, young people and adults with a safe, accepting and understanding space to explore their inner world and their experiences. Our team are dedicated to nurturing confidence and emotional resilience. We provide a range of support, including play therapy and counselling for all those experiencing emotional distress and mental health challenges.

Main Aims

  1.  To provide a place where children, young people and adults can access the professional support they need in order to take better emotional care of themselves and their families.
  2.  To provide supportive environments for parents to come together, learn and talk about really difficult and emotive subjects around parenting and the impact of their childhoods.
  3.  To provide a central service that all professionals connected with this shared aim can access, and contribute skills
  4. To provide a creative space for families to come together to play, create and find joy together whilst being supported and taught skills in child led play and special time


  •  Establish a family and therapy centre based in the community, working in collaboration with other organisations.
  • Provide therapeutic services and workshops for children and their families at a reasonable cost.
  •  Provide voluntary placements for counselling and psychotherapy trainees
  • Provide low additional low-cost family therapies and placements for trainee systemic Psychotherapists
  •  Make information available
  •  Provide information to help practitioners access training and support them in their work through the co-ordination of training events, support groups

How will the community benefit from Family and Therapy?

  • Individuals in the community who are struggling with mental health issues can be referred to us for 1:1 counselling
  •  Professionals working with members of the community will be able to increase the impact of their work by accessing our services and facilities, improving the likelihood of better outcomes for those in need of emotional support.  The community will be able to access a wide range of therapeutic services which will contribute to improving their mental health and well-being.
  •  We will provide a therapeutic space for children to experience a sense of freedom to self-direct, to explore and creatively process their emotions and have fun and play with recyclable materials! This will be a place where parents can meet and be supported to join their children in art to strengthen their connection and the confidence as a parent. Through providing low cost training and workshops to professionals, this will generate funding to put back into community projects. Our CIC will increase a wide range of professional expertise at a low cost, so that community members have a wider access to more quality support.